Henry Morrell

Henry-Morrell-Photo-376x160I am the father in law of Leith Adams and it is a pleasure to write these words about him, as the writer of this book.

As I have come to know his character so well over the years, there is one word I would define as his character, that being an overcomer, he has a compelling drive to achieve. It was what was behind this drive that was to bring him major sorrow. I came to see what the negative force of words from his father did to him. What desperation was built into him, to prove to his father that he could be someone of worth.

It was at a very low part of his young life he caught a glimpse of his Heavenly Fathers love for him, but to let go of his father’s negative words was not easy. As a family we have surrounded him with all our love. Today there stands around him a beautiful family and grandchildren, and to see him around them we see he has found peace at last.

I have much pleasure in recommending Leith as a speaker or mentor. I believe Leith could have the greatest impact by speaking in conjunction with this book is, these written words come from his own heart & journey. Why would I recommend Leith to others? Because the wounds of the negative words of fathers, are massive around the world today.

Leith, my family say well done it’s great to see you finding peace after such a long journey.
Henry Morrell
Horsham Victoria Australia.

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