PJ Martin

PJ-Martin-Photo-376x160As his former Senior Pastor at Harvest Christian Church in Horsham Victoria, I have now known Leith for over twenty years, so it is with much pleasure that I write this brief on Leith.

Leith possesses a character that doesn’t flinch when situations of life seem insurmountable and everything is stacked against you. You could throw up your hands in despair, or as Leith would declare; “I will hold on and work it through.” Leith holds on to the dream. The hope in his heart does not let go, until he finds a way to bring it into reality.

Are you the person who is facing insurmountable odds with despair and hopelessness, there’s no way? It’s impossible! Then you need to hear Leith’s story of how Hope and Faith walks up to the plate of life and makes things Possible.

Leith has lived life and endured most situations, both the pleasant and unpleasant. Yes he has come through, though not always with a smile on his face. Another amazing thing about Leith is his family, his married children are a great credit to him and his wife Angie. Upbringing them as a family man, Leith has a very real story to tell.

Are you in a struggle? Battling with real life issues? Hope seems gone? Yes…??? Yet there is hope for you, I would encourage you to come listen to Leith as he honestly shares his story…

Ps. John Martin.
Healing Ministries Inc.
Melbourne Victoria.

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