Talitha Barber

Talitha-Barber-Photo-376x160I have had the privilege of having Leith as my very own ‘real father’. When I heard about this book I knew there would be no better person to write such a book.

Dad has always been a very driven man who dreams big! He has had his successes, and losses, but I can tell you his biggest success is keeping us, his family, all together. Through the many trials over the years, Dad, along with his better half, has managed to keep us going strong.

If you want to know how to be a career man and still enjoy the family life, then I would recommend this book for you. Dad’s life experiences will help guide, and encourage you to become the ‘real father’ you want to be.

As Dad is the biggest hero in my life, why don’t you let my dad guide you to become that hero to those in your life.

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