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Henry Morrell

I am the father in law of Leith Adams and it is a pleasure to write these words about him, as the writer of this book. As I have come to know his character so well over the years, there is one word I would define as his character, that being an overcomer, he has… Learn More

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PJ Martin

As his former Senior Pastor at Harvest Christian Church in Horsham Victoria, I have now known Leith for over twenty years, so it is with much pleasure that I write this brief on Leith. Leith possesses a character that doesn’t flinch when situations of life seem insurmountable and everything is stacked against you. You could throw… Learn More

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Talitha Barber

I have had the privilege of having Leith as my very own ‘real father’. When I heard about this book I knew there would be no better person to write such a book. Dad has always been a very driven man who dreams big! He has had his successes, and losses, but I can tell… Learn More

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